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APON, established on October 01, 1994 is a registered local NGO focused on providing drug addiction treatment programs for anyone in Bangladesh who needs our support.  We also provide outreach and programs to prevent drug use, and to prevent other disease and illnesses associated with drug use and related risky behaviours such as HIV & AIDS, Hepatitis B & C, and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI).

APON is a non-profitable organization founded in1994.It​ includes the following:APON---the name of the registered NGO and facilities known as APONGAON, APON-ODIC, APON-MARA.  This original APON has no connections whatsoever with any other institutions, organizations, foundations, projects, etc. 

"APON has developed an innovative rehabilitation program for drug addicts using the principles of the 12 Steps of the Narcotics Anonymous Program, the Therapeutic Community model, and other related activities. No addict has ever been turned away from APON’s door due to a financial problem. There is no social, economic or religious restrictions for admission. The only introduction is that" I am an addict and I want to get off drugs".

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Head Office & APON ODIC
*Street Children drug users, pre and post groups, ages 4-14*
137/12, A-23, Priyangon Housing Society,
Mazar Road, 2nd Colony, Mirpur-1,
Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh


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